How to become an influencer in South Africa

So you’re a total newbie to influencer marketing.

Is it even possible in South Africa?

I know the feeling. You just want to land anything, even if it’s that 1st free product to try, right?

What is an Influencer?

An Influencer is a person who has a following on social media (usually in a specific niche) and can have an influence on the buying power of their audience through their expertise knowledge, position and relationship with their audience.

Brands can collaborate with influencers to use their social media reach to achieve their marketing objectives.

It’s time to start building your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and even TikTok.

Where to start?

I don’t have a big following on my new platform It takes a Tribe yet, but these are 2 of the 1st campaigns that I have done.

The one was just a product exchange – where you receive the product and in return have to do a few posts and a review, and the other one was a paid campaign.

Brand Advisor

You can easily sign up with Brand Advisor, it’s not a paying platform, but you can opt-in to receive products to try out and review.

I was part of the Dr.Beckmann’s Colour and Dirt collector sheets campaign. Not that exciting, I got to do laundry, lol. You’ve got to start somewhere.

It turned out to be a really cool product, where you can just dump all your laundry in the washing machine with two of their little washing sheets, and it catches any dirt and colour runs. No more pink socks – that used to be white.

Brand Advisor frequently has new campaigns where you can opt-in. They will email you if there are any new products to try.

The package gets couriered to you along with a basic guideline of the posts they require and the deadlines for each. After you’ve posted and tried the product, you get to leave an honest review on their website. As easy as that.

Brand your Car

Anyone who has a car can sign up and create a profile on Brand Your Car.

It may take a while to get invited to work on a campaign, so keep your profile up to date.

I had the privilege to work on an OutSurance campaign for 6 months.

How does it work?

If chosen, they invite you to a short information session. This helps a lot. They explained exactly what to expect and what to do.

Then your car gets branded, this was quite exciting for me. Brand Your Car makes a booking for you and pays for the professional branding. This whole process doesn’t cost you anything.

The campaign that I was involved in lasted for 6 months and I got paid every month like clockwork.

There is also a social media component involved. In the 6 months we had to do 2 social media posts a month. Each post had a detailed scene outline that they posted in our private group with guidelines as to what the brand wanted and we had a week to complete. It needs to be creative and authentic.

I enjoyed every moment of this campaign, my branding is scheduled to be professionally removed this Friday and I am actually sad to see it go.

I hope to get picked for a new campaign soon.

If you know of any opportunities for newbie’s, please share…

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